Best Time to Visit Savannah: Top 5 Months Revealed!

Top 5 What Is The Best Month To Visit Savannah

Top 5: What Is The Best Month To Visit Savannah

Planning a trip to Savannah, Georgia, but unsure of the best time to go? Look no further! Savannah boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty year-round, but choosing the perfect month can enhance your experience. Let’s delve into the top five months to visit this charming southern city.

Spring Splendor: March

Spring Splendor

March marks the onset of spring in Savannah, painting the city with vibrant blooms and mild temperatures. Enjoy leisurely strolls under canopies of blossoming azaleas in the city’s iconic squares. With fewer crowds compared to peak summer months, March offers a serene ambiance ideal for exploring Savannah’s historic districts.

March in Savannah

For an immersive experience, embark on a guided walking tour to unravel Savannah’s storied past. Discover architectural gems like the Mercer Williams House or delve into the city’s haunted history with a ghost tour.

Key Attractions:

  • Forsyth Park
  • Bonaventure Cemetery
  • Savannah Historic District

Explore Savannah Tours in March

Summer Serenity: June

Summer Serenity

June heralds the arrival of summer in Savannah, offering warm temperatures and a plethora of outdoor activities. Bask in the sunshine as you meander along River Street, lined with quaint shops and waterfront eateries.

June in Savannah

Beat the heat with a leisurely river cruise along the Savannah River, where you can admire the city’s skyline bathed in golden hues. Indulge in southern hospitality with a traditional Lowcountry boil or savor freshly caught seafood at one of the many waterfront restaurants.

Key Attractions:

  • River Street
  • City Market
  • Telfair Museums

Discover Summer Activities in Savannah

Fall Foliage: October

Fall Foliage

October casts a spellbinding charm over Savannah, as the city is blanketed in hues of crimson and gold. Experience the magic of autumn as you traverse tree-lined streets adorned with cascading foliage.

October in Savannah

Immerse yourself in Savannah’s vibrant arts scene with the annual Savannah Film Festival or peruse the works of local artists at the renowned SCAD Museum of Art. Indulge your taste buds with seasonal delights at the Savannah Food & Wine Festival.

Key Attractions:

  • Savannah Riverfront
  • Wormsloe Historic Site
  • Savannah Botanical Gardens

Experience Autumn in Savannah

Winter Wonder: December

Winter Wonder

December casts a spellbinding charm over Savannah, as the city is adorned with festive decorations and twinkling lights. Experience the magic of the holiday season as you wander through the historic squares, adorned with Christmas cheer.

December in Savannah

Embrace the spirit of giving with a visit to the quaint boutiques and artisan shops of Broughton Street, perfect for finding unique gifts for loved ones. Savor the flavors of the season with a cup of steaming hot cocoa or indulge in southern comfort food at cozy eateries.

Key Attractions:

  • Holiday Tour of Homes
  • Christmas on the River
  • Savannah Theatre’s Holiday Tradition

Celebrate the Holidays in Savannah

Shoulder Season: April and November

Shoulder Season

April and November offer the best of both worlds, with mild temperatures and fewer crowds. Experience the city’s charm without the summer heat or winter chill, making it an ideal time for outdoor exploration and cultural immersion.

April and November in Savannah

Explore Savannah’s eclectic neighborhoods, from the cobblestone streets of the Historic District to the vibrant arts scene of Starland District. Indulge in farm-to-table cuisine at local eateries or embark on a scenic bike ride along the picturesque trails of Skidaway Island State Park.

Key Attractions:

  • Historic Savannah Theatre
  • Tybee Island
  • Savannah History Museum

Discover Savannah’s Shoulder Seasons


Savannah’s allure transcends seasons, offering something unique year-round. Whether you prefer the vibrant blooms of spring, the sun-drenched days of summer, the enchanting colors of fall, or the festive cheer of winter, there’s never a dull moment in this charming southern city.

Key Takeaways:

  • March offers blooming azaleas and mild temperatures, perfect for exploring historic districts.
  • June beckons with warm weather and outdoor activities along River Street.
  • October enchants visitors with fall foliage and cultural festivals.
  • December captivates with festive decorations and holiday events.

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