Discover the Top 5 Seattle Aquarium Ticket Prices

Top 5 How Much Are Tickets To The Seattle Aquarium

Top 5 How Much Are Tickets To The Seattle Aquarium

Welcome to the majestic underwater world of the Seattle Aquarium, where you can dive into the depths of the Pacific Northwest’s marine life. Situated on Pier 59 along the beautiful Seattle waterfront, this aquarium offers an immersive experience for visitors of all ages. Let’s explore the ticket prices and what each admission tier offers.

General Admission

General Admission

General admission tickets provide access to all the exhibits, including the mesmerizing Window on Washington Waters, where you can marvel at the diverse marine creatures found in the region’s coastal waters. These tickets are perfect for individuals or families looking to spend a day exploring the wonders of the sea.

Price: $29.95 for adults and $19.95 for children (ages 4-12).

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Behind-the-Scenes Tour

Behind-the-Scenes Tour

For a deeper dive into the aquarium’s operations, consider booking a behind-the-scenes tour. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours offer a glimpse into the aquarium’s inner workings, including animal care areas and research facilities.

Price: $85 per person.

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Animal Encounters

Animal Encounters

For a truly unforgettable experience, participate in one of the aquarium’s animal encounters. From touching tide pool creatures to feeding sea otters, these interactive sessions allow guests to get up close and personal with some of the ocean’s most fascinating inhabitants.

Price: Varies depending on the encounter.

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Annual Membership

Annual Membership

For those who plan to visit the Seattle Aquarium frequently, an annual membership offers fantastic value. Members enjoy unlimited access to the aquarium, exclusive events, discounts on guest tickets, and more.

Price: Starting at $75 per person.

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Group Rates

Group Rates

Planning a visit with a large group? Take advantage of discounted group rates available for parties of 20 or more. Whether you’re organizing a school field trip or a corporate outing, the Seattle Aquarium offers group packages tailored to your needs.

Price: Varies depending on group size and needs.

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Exploring the Seattle Aquarium is an enriching experience for visitors of all ages. With a range of ticket options to suit every preference and budget, there’s no excuse not to dive in and discover the wonders of the underwater world.

Key Takeaways:

  • General admission tickets provide access to all exhibits.
  • Behind-the-scenes tours offer an insider’s perspective.
  • Animal encounters provide unforgettable experiences.
  • Annual memberships offer fantastic value for frequent visitors.
  • Group rates are available for large parties.


Q: Are there any discounts available for seniors or military personnel?

A: Yes, the Seattle Aquarium offers discounted admission for seniors (ages 65+) and military personnel with valid ID.

Q: Can I purchase tickets online in advance?

A: Yes, advance tickets can be purchased online through the Seattle Aquarium’s official website or through authorized ticket vendors like Viator.

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