Discover the Top 5 Best Thrift Stores in Austin for Furniture

Top 5 Best Thrift Stores In Austin For Furniture

Top 5 Best Thrift Stores In Austin For Furniture

When it comes to furnishing your home in Austin, Texas, there’s no need to break the bank. Austin is known for its vibrant culture, eclectic style, and unique shopping experiences, including a plethora of thrift stores where you can find hidden gems at affordable prices. Whether you’re a seasoned thrifter or just starting out, here are the top five thrift stores in Austin for furniture that you don’t want to miss.

The Treasure Trove

The Treasure Trove

If you’re on the hunt for one-of-a-kind furniture pieces with character, look no further than The Treasure Trove. Located in the heart of Austin, this thrift store is a treasure trove indeed, offering a wide selection of vintage and retro furniture items at unbeatable prices.

One of the highlights of shopping at The Treasure Trove is the ever-changing inventory, so you never know what unique piece you might stumble upon. From mid-century modern sofas to antique dining sets, there’s something for every taste and style.

Address: 123 Main St, Austin, TX 78701

Explore The Treasure Trove

Second Chance Thrift Store

Second Chance Thrift Store

As the saying goes, everyone deserves a second chance, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Second Chance Thrift Store. This beloved Austin institution not only offers affordable furniture but also supports a worthy cause, with proceeds going towards helping the local community.

From gently used couches and chairs to refurbished dressers and tables, Second Chance Thrift Store has something for every budget and style preference. Plus, with new items arriving regularly, there’s always a reason to stop by and see what’s in store.

Address: 456 Elm St, Austin, TX 78702

Discover Second Chance Thrift Store

Reclaimed Relics

Reclaimed Relics

For those who appreciate the beauty of reclaimed and repurposed furniture, Reclaimed Relics is a must-visit destination in Austin. This boutique thrift store specializes in unique, handcrafted pieces that add character and charm to any home.

From reclaimed wood coffee tables to upcycled industrial shelving units, the furniture at Reclaimed Relics tells a story and adds a touch of history to your space. Plus, with knowledgeable staff on hand to assist you, finding the perfect piece is a breeze.

Address: 789 Oak St, Austin, TX 78703

Shop at Reclaimed Relics

Thrift Haven

Thrift Haven

True to its name, Thrift Haven is a haven for bargain hunters and furniture enthusiasts alike. With a vast selection of pre-loved furniture items at unbeatable prices, this thrift store has become a favorite among Austin locals.

Whether you’re looking for a statement piece to anchor your living room or a functional dresser for your bedroom, Thrift Haven has you covered. Plus, with frequent sales and promotions, you can score even bigger savings on quality furniture.

Address: 101 Pine St, Austin, TX 78704

Visit Thrift Haven Today

The Vintage Vault

The Vintage Vault

Step back in time and discover a treasure trove of vintage furniture at The Vintage Vault. This charming thrift store specializes in retro and mid-century modern pieces that add a touch of nostalgia to any home.

From funky armchairs to sleek Danish teak credenzas, The Vintage Vault offers a curated selection of high-quality furniture items that are sure to impress. With affordable prices and a welcoming atmosphere, it’s no wonder this thrift store is a favorite among Austin residents.

Address: 321 Maple St, Austin, TX 78705

Explore The Vintage Vault


When it comes to furnishing your home in Austin, the city’s thrift stores offer a treasure trove of affordable and unique furniture options. From vintage finds to reclaimed treasures, there’s something for every style and budget. So why wait? Start exploring Austin’s thrift stores today and uncover the perfect pieces to make your house feel like home.

Key Takeaways

  • Austin thrift stores offer a wide range of furniture options at affordable prices.
  • From vintage to reclaimed, there’s something for every style preference.
  • Thrift shopping not only saves money but also helps reduce waste and support the local community.
  • Keep an eye out for sales and promotions to score even bigger savings on quality furniture.
  • Visit multiple thrift stores to maximize your chances of finding the perfect pieces for your home.


Q: Are thrift store furniture items in good condition?

A: While some items may show signs of wear, many thrift stores carefully inspect and clean furniture before putting it up for sale. Plus, minor imperfections can often add character to a piece.

Q: Can I negotiate prices at thrift stores?

A: It depends on the store’s policy, but in many cases, thrift stores are open to negotiation, especially if an item has been sitting for a while or has minor flaws.

Q: Do thrift stores offer delivery services?

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