5 Best Christmas Activities in Boston

Top 5 Best Things To Do In Boston At Christmas

Top 5 Best Things To Do In Boston At Christmas

Christmas in Boston is a magical time filled with festive cheer, dazzling lights, and heartwarming traditions. Whether you’re a local or visiting the city during the holiday season, there’s no shortage of enchanting experiences to enjoy. From ice skating on historic rinks to exploring twinkling holiday markets, here are the top five things to do in Boston at Christmas.

Ice Skating at Frog Pond

Ice Skating at Frog Pond

One of the quintessential holiday activities in Boston is ice skating at the Frog Pond in Boston Common. The picturesque setting, surrounded by twinkling lights and the city skyline, creates a magical ambiance for skaters of all ages. Glide across the ice hand-in-hand with loved ones or enjoy a solo spin while soaking in the festive atmosphere.

For a truly unforgettable experience, plan your visit during the evening when the rink is illuminated with colorful lights, and seasonal music fills the air. Skate rentals are available onsite, making it convenient for visitors to join in on the fun.

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Winter Wonderland at Faneuil Hall

Winter Wonderland at Faneuil Hall

Experience the magic of the holiday season at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, where a Winter Wonderland awaits visitors of all ages. Admire the dazzling Christmas tree adorned with thousands of twinkling lights, and stroll through the enchanting holiday village featuring festive decorations and artisanal crafts.

Don’t miss the spectacular light and sound show, a mesmerizing display that illuminates the marketplace with synchronized music and dancing lights. Indulge in seasonal treats like hot cocoa and roasted chestnuts as you soak in the festive atmosphere.

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Christmas Lights Tour

Christmas Lights Tour

Embark on a magical journey through Boston’s neighborhoods with a Christmas lights tour that showcases the city’s most spectacular holiday displays. From elaborately decorated homes to beautifully lit streets, you’ll be enchanted by the festive sights and sounds of the season.

Choose from guided tours or self-guided adventures and discover hidden gems that spark joy and wonder. Whether you prefer to explore by foot, trolley, or even segway, there’s a Christmas lights tour that’s perfect for you and your loved ones.

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Holiday Shopping at Quincy Market

Holiday Shopping at Quincy Market

Get into the holiday spirit with a shopping spree at Quincy Market, where you’ll find an array of unique gifts, artisanal crafts, and delicious treats. Explore the festive stalls adorned with twinkling lights and decorations, and browse through a curated selection of handmade goods and local products.

From cozy knitwear to gourmet chocolates, there’s something for everyone on your list. Enjoy live entertainment as you shop, with carolers and musicians adding to the festive atmosphere. And don’t forget to treat yourself to a tasty holiday treat or two!

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New Year’s Eve Fireworks Cruise

New Year's Eve Fireworks Cruise

Ring in the New Year in style with a fireworks cruise along the Boston Harbor, offering front-row seats to the city’s spectacular fireworks display. Sail aboard a luxurious yacht or traditional vessel and enjoy panoramic views of the Boston skyline as you countdown to midnight.

Dance the night away to live music, sip on festive cocktails, and toast to new beginnings as fireworks light up the sky in a dazzling array of colors. It’s the perfect way to celebrate with friends and loved ones and create lasting memories of your Boston holiday experience.

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Christmas in Boston offers a plethora of enchanting experiences that capture the magic and wonder of the holiday season. From ice skating at Frog Pond to exploring the Winter Wonderland at Faneuil Hall, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re shopping for unique gifts at Quincy Market or ringing in the New Year with a fireworks cruise, Boston promises unforgettable memories and festive cheer.

Key Takeaways

  • Experience the magic of ice skating at Frog Pond in Boston Common.
  • Explore the enchanting Winter Wonderland at Faneuil Hall Marketplace.
  • Embark on a Christmas lights tour to discover the city’s most spectacular displays.
  • Indulge in holiday shopping at Quincy Market, where you’ll find unique gifts and delicious treats.
  • Ring in the New Year with a fireworks cruise along the Boston Harbor for an unforgettable celebration.


Q: What is the best time to visit Boston during Christmas?

A: The holiday season in Boston typically starts in late November and lasts until early January. However, the most magical time to visit is in December when the city is adorned with festive decorations and holiday events are in full swing.


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