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Mount Machincang

Langkawi Cable Car
The Cable Car height from Oriental Village to the peak Mount Machincang is about 700 metres above sea level.

Tallest Tower

Petronas Twin Tower
The Petronas Twin Tower located in the Kuala Lumpur city centre stands 88-storeys high.

Nasi Lemak

image imageAvailable Daily

imageBreakfast morning period

imageStall RM 1.00-2.50 , Restaurant RM 3.50 - 6.00

image Available almost all Malay stall and restaurant




Malaysian Nasi Lemak

    Nasi Lemak, literally translated into fatty/ creamy rice, is a very popular Malay dish in Malaysia; all Malaysians regardless of races always love to savor this dish. Nasi Lemak is even declared as the national dish for the country. It’s eaten almost any time in a day, during breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper time. This cuisine not only can be found in Malaysia, it is also available in other countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, and even in Australia

   Just as its name suggests, basically Nasi Lemak is white rice cooked in creamy coconut milk, while some may add in knotted screw pine leaves (pandan leaves), ginger or lemon grass in the cooking process to enhance the rice fragrance. The rice cooking method is quite similar to the Indonesian Nasi Uduk (Uduk Rice) originated from Jakarta.


     Traditionally Nasi Lemak comes together with “sambal ikan bilis” (chili paste with anchovies), roasted peanuts, hard-boiled egg and cucumber slices. The essence lies in the sambal; anchovies should be fried till crisp and the gravy is a mixture of chilies paste, onion, garlic, tamarind juice and shallot. Some may as well add in “Belacan” (prawn paste) for more zest.

    Assortment of side dishes that are served together with Nasi Lemak ranges from Rendang Daging or Ayam (spicy beef or chicken stew in coconut milk), Sambal Sotong (cuttlefish chili paste), fried chicken, Acar (pickled vegetables), Paru (beef lungs) and many more.

   Other than being served on normal plates and the original serving way which is in banana leaves wrapping, some vendors have started to enhance on the food presentation by serving it in green color plates resemblance of the banana leaves. sauce and salt.


   In order to cater for different savoring needs, there are few modified versions of Nasi Lemak which can be found throughout Malaysia, for example, vegetarian version (which the anchovies are substituted with vegetarian type), Malaysian Indian version (that excludes beef dishes) and Malaysian Chinese version.


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