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Museum in Malacca

Royal Navy Museum
Visit the Malaysian Royal Navy museum in Malacca, Bandar Hilir, Melaka.

International Cycling

Le Tour de Langkawi
Le Tour de Langkawi is one of Malaysia yearly cycling race which is held since 1996.

Nasi Kerabu

imageAvailable Daily

imageMorning till evening

imageHawker Stall RM 2.50-RM4.50 Restaurant RM 5.00-RM 9.00

imageMalay Cuisine

image Halal Food


Nasi Kerabu

- Rice

Side condiment serve:
- Acar, Prawn crackers, Salted egg, Budu ( some district/restaurant serve it)

Option available:
- Mutton, Chicken or Beef

Food Spicyness:
- Low-Medium (Optional)



    This cuisine is the specialty of Kelantan state, its name literally translated as Rice Salad, it is rice cooked in mixture of herbs such as basil, local mint, lemongrass, ginger leaves, lime leaves, turmeric leaves and blue peas flower. Kerabu rice is available in different colors including the usual white, blue Kerabu (coloring from blue peas flower) and yellow Kerabu (derived from the color of the turmeric).

    Normally served with “solok lada” (white chillies stuffed with minced fish and grated coconut), “lekor” (fish crakers), raw vegetables, pickled garlics, salted eggs and “budu” (a kind of fish sauce famous in Kelantan) and few more others. This dish is ideal for those who love raw vegetables.