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Royal Navy Museum
Visit the Malaysian Royal Navy museum in Malacca, Bandar Hilir, Melaka.

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Le Tour de Langkawi
Le Tour de Langkawi is one of Malaysia yearly cycling race which is held since 1996.

Nasi Impit (Compressed rice)

imageAvailable Daily

imageMorning till evening

imageHawker Stall RM 1.50-RM3.50 Restaurant RM 4.00-RM 7.00

imageMalay Cuisine

image Halal Food


Nasi Goreng Pattaya

- Rice

Side condiment serve:
- Peanut sauce (Optional)

Option available:
- N/A

Food Spicyness:
- Low (Optional)



    Just as its name suggests, Nasi Impit is a rice dish cooked by compressing the rice into shape of cube alike, it is one of the popular Malay dish. Normally Nasi Impit is served with satay, and peanut gravy (kuah kacang), besides the compressed rice also goes well Rendang (spicy stew meat). It is also a common dish served during Raya Festivals among the Malay community.