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Visit the Malaysian Royal Navy museum in Malacca, Bandar Hilir, Melaka.

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Le Tour de Langkawi is one of Malaysia yearly cycling race which is held since 1996.

Nasi Briyani

imageAvailable Daily

imageMorning till evening

imageHawker Stall RM 2.50-RM4.50 Restaurant RM 5.00-RM 9.00

imageMalay Cuisine

image Halal Food



Nasi Briyani

- Rice

Side condiment serve:
- Acar (vegetable pickles-some district/restaurant serve it)

Option available:
- Mutton, Chicken or Beef

Food Spicyness:
- Medium-High (Optional)



    It is said that this dish was brought into India by the Iranian merchants who travelled in between those two countries quite often in the older days, resulted in the dish in adopting the influence of the Indian style of cooking and finally was developed into its current recipe. Nasi Briyani basically is fragrant spiced rice; the spices and ingredients used in the dish include cinnamon, ginger, garlic, onion, coriander, ghee, mint leaves and few more. Nasi Briyani is often served with meat of mutton, chicken or beef in either curry or rendang style.

    In the southern area of Malaysia, mainly in Muar and Batu Pahat, a unique version of the Nasi Briyani called the Nasi Briyani Gam can be found. The word “Gam” is used to indicate the way the rice and the meat is all cooked together at the same time, the end result will be the fragrant rice that absorbs all the essence from the succulent meat in the cooking process.