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Batu Caves

272 steps Cathedral
The Cathedral Cave ceiling reaches up to 100m and takes a total of 272 steps to get to there.

International Cycling

Le Tour de Langkawi
Le Tour de Langkawi is one of Malaysia yearly cycling race which is held since 1996.

Glutinous Rice with chicken (Luo Mai Gai)

imageAvailable Daily

imageMorning till evening

imageHawker Stall RM 2.50-RM 5.50 Restaurant RM 7.00-RM 15.00

imageChinese Cuisine

image Non-Halal


Luo Mai Gai

- Glutinous Rice

Side condiment serve:
- N/A

Option available:
- Chicken only

Food Spicyness:
- Low



    Originated from Guang Dong province in China, Luo Mai Gai is a common Chinese dim sum dish made of glutinous rice with fillings of chicken pieces, mushrooms, and Chinese sausages. The traditionally way of cooking this dish is by wrapping it inside lotus leaf and steamed, other than that, some may also opt to use aluminum foil wrap or merely steam it in a steel bowl instead. The dish is available at almost every dim sum restaurant.