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Mee Jawa
(Jawa Noodle)


Noodle Type:
Yellow Egg Noodle
Malay & Chinese
Food Spiciness:
Low-High (Optional)
Famous at:
Penang, Miri Sarawak
Blended sweet potato base with tomato sauce and prawn stock
Main Ingredients:
Beancurd, beansprouts, hard boiled egg, grounded peanuts, fried shallots.
Price Range:
(Hawker) RM2.50-RM4.50
(Restaurant) RM5-RM10.00
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     The origin of Mee Jawa (Jawa Noodles) is not definite. Some claimed that Mee Jawa was popularized by the Indonesia Java or Minangkabau community during their early settlement in Malaya, now Malaysia. While there's also belief that initially back in 70's and 80's, mee jawa was sold by mobile hawkers either by caring two basket with long wooden stick on they shoulder to lift and bicycle travelling from one place to another.

     Today Mee Jawa is a shared cuisine among the Malays and Chinese community in Malaysia. Mee Jawa is almost the same with Mee Rebus (Boiled Noodle), what tells them apart is that Mee Rebus's broth ingredients exclude the grounded peanuts, thus is less thicker, also unlike Mee Jawa which is a standalone dish, Mee Rebus is usually served with prawn fritters and ‘Rojak”. Do take note that some sellers may opt for cornstarch instead of the original sweet potato as a more cost-efficient thickener for the broth.


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