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Independent day of Malaysia on 31 August, 1957, the Malayan flag was hoisted for the first time the 100-metre high flagpole.

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Langkawi Cable Car
The Cable Car height from Oriental Village to the peak Mount Machincang is about 700 metres above sea level.

Hokkien Mee (Hokkien Noodles)

image imageAvailable Daily

imageMorning till evening

imageHawker Stall RM 2.50-RM4.50 Restaurant RM 5.00-RM 9.00

imageChinese Cuisine

image Some stalls are Non-Halal



Hokkien Char Mee

- Noodles

Noodle Type:
- Thick large egg noodle

Preparation Type:
- Stir fry

Food Spicyness:
- Medium-High (Optional)


    Hokkien Mee is one of chinese cuisine in Malaysia. Hokkien mee was originally popularize in Penang due to the Hokkien community in Penang is higher than other part of Malaysia. This noodles was originated from Fujian province and the word Hokkien means Fujian. There are two types of Hokkien mee,namely Hokkien char mee ( Hokkien fried noodles) and Hokkien hae mee ( Hokkien prawn noodles soup).

    Hokkien char mee is a stir fried noodle serve using thick yellow noodles with thick dark soy sauce.The noodle used is larger than other noodles.While Hokkien hae mee is a soup noodle based on prawn stock using yellow noodles. This noodles is famous in Penang and local called it prawn noodles while other part called it Penang prawn noodle.