T-Bowl Concept Restaurant

T Bowl @Sungei Wang Plaza
3F-No 41 & 42, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia.
Contact: +603 2141 1606

Opening Hours
Mon-Sun (11am - 10pm)(Last Call 9.30pm)

-Free wifi available
-Reservation Preferred to avoid disappointment


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It's The Experience That Matters

   Would you dare to dine at a restaurant that is based on Toilet concept? From the interior decoration, dining platters to the food presentation that even intentionally made to look like your “wastage” in the toilet?

   Such is a unique concept that is never for the faint hearted, in a different point of view, it’s a work of imagination that challenges the conventional dining culture.


    T-Bowl (T-Bowl Concept Restaurant) with a total of four outlets, namely in Sungai Wang Plaza (KL), Sunway (PJ), Queensbay Mall (Penang), and Melaka Raya; it’s said that the idea came to the founder when he was sitting on a toilet bowl one day. And there was how the first T-Bowl was set up in Penang, T-Bowl serves Asian Fusion, Chinese and Western style food.


    Cheese Baked Rice (at the Left) surely does look adventurous enough in that platter that resembling a toilet bowl, plus the yellowish color of the dish itself, well you must be thinking of the same thing as I am as I am writing this review; put aside that thoughts, the cheese baked rice does taste good with the “cheesiness” aroma and the delightfully buttery.

    The right side image depicts the whole succulent fried chicken drumstick topped on the noodle soup, care for a try at this Origin Drumstick Ramen soup as well?



    Some other menu items of T-Bowl, if you are prefering some spiciness in your dish, look for the spicy Ramen varieties.



    Never forget to try out the Donut Delight (Left side), one of the famous ice cream selections in T-Bowl, topped with some colorful candies and a piece of waffle.

     (Right Side) Drinks and varieties of desserts that come together in set dishes.


 So do give this unique dining place a try, after all it’s the experience that matters.

Photo by May & Zita