Naab Business and Dining Center

No. 130, Jalan Bukit Bintang
55100 Kuala Lumpur
(Opposite Lot 10 Shopping Mall)
Contact: +603 2143 3949

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 12:00noon - 01:00am


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Food Review

   Naab Dining and Business Centre’s first branch was set up in June 2006 at Bukit Bintang to cater for the Iranian Fine dining, up till now there are total of two branches in Malaysia, the second one being at the more secluded vicinity of Solaris Mon’t Kiara.


   For those who are seeking for some private meeting or gathering dine in, there are four VIP rooms available, each named after the eminent historical cities of Iran, namely Kerman (capacity: 50 pax), Shiraz (capacity: 10 pax), Isfahan (capacity: 10 pax), Yazd (convertable into three divided sub rooms with 8pax each).

   The blue fountain at the center of the restaurant signifies the distinctive feature of the Iranian architecture; water as the embodiment of life and purity, whereas color of blue denotes to the sacred heaven as in the ancient belief.



    This was my second visit to Naab, I was pretty satisfied with my first dine-in there and thus returning this time. Just as the first time, I ordered the Hot Bread, with Babaghanoosh dressing this time; basically blended eggplant with olive oil; the dressing was delicious, not too sour, as I personally dislike too much sourness in my starting course, so Babaghanoosh was just the right choice to offer some decent palate start-up without upsetting my stomach too much for the courses to come. However, this time the bread served was not as hot as I had expected, so there was little disappointment in this part.



    The Bakhtiari Kebab, combination of chicken breast and sirloin, was grilled evenly, tasted delicious and succulent.



   One of their signature dishes is the Naab Spinach Chicken Roll, the presentation did look promising with lovely grilling hue, the taste was good because of the spinach inside did add some depth of taste to a supposingly normal grilled chicken dish. The only setback would be it appeared to be slightly dry after few pieces.



     Sekanjebin is a must-try, the drink is refreshing and cooling with subtle delightful sweetness, it’s a traditional drink of the Iranian, mixture of mint, water and sugar, served cold with fresh sliced cucumber.