The Mill

Level 1, Grand Millennium Kuala Lumpur
160 Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur, 55100 Malaysia.
Contact: +60 3 2117 4888

Opening Hours
6:00am - 10:30am Weekdays (Breakfast)
12:00pm - 2:30pm Weekdays (Lunch)
12:00pm - 3:00pm Weekends (High Tea)
6:30pm - 10:00pm Daily (Dinner)


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The Mill- Mediterranean and Asian Fares

   Located at the first floor of the Grand Millennium Hotel Kuala Lumpur, The Mill with its open kitchen concept set amid the buffet line is surely a plus point for one to dine here, enjoying the carefully selected menu items made of freshest ingredients.


    The Chinese Style Chicken and Peanut Soup in the Mill is quite delicious, the broth is full of flavor, gaining its flavor from long hour simmering and heat retention, though tastes slightly salty however it is in a satisfying way; the chicken is luscious and there are quite a generous amount of peanuts in the soup, plus they are cooked till tender too. Simply lovely and invigorating for the health.



   This soup dish is easily mistaken as mushroom soup, in fact it is cauliflower soup, fine blended into smooth creamy form, with ingredients and spices such as onion and garlic. It goes especially well with fresh bread, the taste is creamy, mildly sweet and has a buttery aftertaste, with its smooth texture, it's practically lovely.




    Pretty few could resist the seafood section, as if a galore of temptation, there is just every reason for one to indulge in the succulent sip at the fresh oyster, prawns, crabs, and scallops.



   Varieties of appetizers such as cold cuts, century egg, fruit salads, delicious and fresh.




    In terms of the sushi selection, basically makisushi (rolled sushi) with fillings such as kani kama (crab fillets), tamago (Japanese omelet), cucumber slices and carrot, wrapped either in sheet of nori seaweed or fish roes. The taste is not bad, though it is not as authentic as some Japanese Restaurant that specializes at sushi culinary. Still, few pieces of the sushi surely clean up the palate after having some fresh sashimi.



    The classic steamed Char Siew Pau; the fillings are chicken instead of pork in order to cater for all races. The barbecued-flavored minced chicken is sweet and delicious.

Another one with some light green color shade comes with the fillings of screwpine (pandan) flavored kaya. The pandan is aromatic, especially pleasing when the pau is served hot. The kaya’s taste is not too sweet and overwhelming, which is a good thing.



    Such adorable coin sachet alike(at the left) has a very auspicious name, “Money Pocket”, basically there is seafood ball, most probably squid ball, wrapped with pastry sheet then fried. It's delicious to just pop into the mouth.

    Vegetarian Fried Spring Roll (right), fillings of basically shredded cabbage and carrots. Goes well with some dipping sauce; selections of sauce available include ketchup, sweet sour sauce and dim sum sauce.



    Grilling section where one can find (Grilled Fish)Ikan Bakar & Satay(skewered meat), the grilled fish is delicious when dipped into the accompanying sauce whereas the Satay offers choices of chicken and beef.


Having staple food can never be boring, some of few dishes that go well with steamed white rice:

image From Clockwise:

1. Top Shell Clam with Asparagus, chewy texture as if squid, the top shell tastes pleasantly sweet; the asparagus's fresh and its unique bitter quality is toned down this way.

2. Kung Po Chicken's absorbed the spiciness of the gravy and has a slightly sweet tinge,really delicious.  

3.Stewed beef in mushroom gravy, the gravy's earthy flavor and tender texture of the beef surely a savory meal.


From Clockwise:

1. Stir Fried Lala, deliciously fresh and appetizing enough.

2. Seafood Tiga Rasa(Three Flavor Seafood),consisting prawn and white squid; a combination of spicy, sweet and sour, though it is actually more towards sweetness from the tomato gravy and slightly lesser spiciness.

3.Baked fish in Lemon Butter Sauce,classic fish dish with fine texture and crispy on the outside. This dish has a creamy aftertaste and surely looks appetizing.

4.Lamb Chop with Peppermint Pesto, pleasing to the taste. The lamb chop is not exactly boneless but still as delicious, with well-blended Peppermint pesto.

5.Braised Taukan (Wet Beancurd Sheet) with Mushrooms, a vegetarian dish with flavorful gravy.

6.Crusted Snowfish Teppanyaki, not much crusted outer layer, the creamy texture of the fish is lovely


For Dessert selections:


    The Hot barley is quite scrumptious in fact, a taste that is similar to oatmeal porridge, minus the usual sticky texture that barley may cause. This dessert which is best served hot has a tint of sweetness that is not overdone.


image From Clockwise:

1. Opera Cake, one bite into it gives a flavorsome coffee aroma with tinge of pleasant bitterness.

2. Pandan Layered cake, melts in the mouth with a pleasant Pandan aftertaste.

3.Strawberry Mousse Cake, soft and creamy texture, appealing, with some fresh cut strawberries and chocolate decorating shards.

4.Ang Ku Kuih (Red Tortoise cake,) to cater for a more localized dining preference; smooth fillings of mung bean paste.

5.Fruit Flan, beautiful feature with assorted fresh cut fruits such as strawberry, kiwi, peach etc “embedded” within the transparent jelly-alike top layer, combination of refreshing fruity flavor and creamy softness in a cake.



     Cooling Ice Cream flavor of Chocolate Chip Mint and Vanilla


image From Clockwise:

1. Assorted Fresh Fruit, a must to relieve your digestion

2. Rice Pudding, steamed rice mixture desserts with some juicy raisins inside the pudding.

3.Chocolate Fountain, few choices of dipping items namely marshmallows, seedless grapes and dried apricots.



    More delicious desserts available, aren't those all beautiful?


    So for a dine-out at a cozy restaurant, do stop by here in case you happen to be at nearby landmark of major shopping mall such as Pavilion Mall, Fahrenheit Shopping Mall, and Starhill Gallery.