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Kaamatan Festival

image image30th - 31st May


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imageFestival types: Cultural Festival

image +60 88 13337 / +60 88 713696

image Hongkod Koisaan, km 8, 89509 Penampang, Sabah

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Kaamatan Festival

  Kaamatan festival is one of Malaysia yearly festival which is held in Kota Kinabalu, state of Sabah every month of April. The festival include Kaamatan queen contest, cultural show (from all over sabah state), singing competition, Kadazan-Dusun customs(during harvesting) and variety local food stall. This festival is held for 2 days, however day 2 has the most visitors.


" The word Kaamatan is derived from the root word tomot, a Kadazandusun term for harvest. In the context of this article, Kaamatan refers to the paddy-harvesting period, which involves a series of traditional rituals culminating finally to the Kaamatan (harvest) festival. The Kaamatan Festival is an annual event in the cultural life of the Kadazandusuns of Sabah since time immemorial. In its deepest sense, Kaamatan festival is a manifestation of Creator and Creation relationship, as well as Inter-Creations relationship. It embodies the principal acts of invocation of divinities, appeasing, purification and restoration, re-union of benevolent spirits, and thanksgiving to the Source of All. It is part of a complex wholesome Momolian religious system centered on the paddy rites of passage and the life cycle of Bambarayon the in-dwelling spirit of paddy."